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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School


Level 1 Award, Certificate and Diploma In Caring for Children (QCF)

Introduction to course
This course is suitable for students who enjoy being with children and seeks to encourage the learner’s understanding of the skills required to care for children and who are hoping for a career caring for them.
Qualification structure
To complete the certificate learners must achieve a minimum of 37 credits.
Sample syllabus content
●     Investigating a vocational area
●     Human growth and development
●     Healthy eating for families
●     Children’s play and leisure activities in the community
●     Practical health and safety when with young children
Typical lesson activities

This course involves a wide variety of activities which may be carried out as a whole group, in small teams or individually. Students will be involved in project work including producing posters and booklets and presentations to the rest of the group. Students will also have the opportunity of meeting a range of professionals. This course may include work experience at a variety of placements, one of which will take place during the main work experience in Year 11.


CACHE allows pupils the opportunity to consider and discuss questions relating to the meaning of life, the nature of humanity and the recognition of individual worth. They will learn to understand and respect different approaches to child development and how these are influenced by the community into which a child is born. Questions of parents’ responsibilities, attitudes to child care and the provision of communal services will be particularly relevant. Pupils also consider the ways in which children are brought up in different cultures which is both interesting and valuable.