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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School


Introduction to course
This course is a vocational qualification that focuses on aspects of employment within the Music Industry. The nature of Technical Awards is such that it enables pupils to apply learning and skills in a work-related context with the result that such motivation will subsequently open doors to progression into further study and responsibility within the workplace.
Syllabus content
Pupils should build on their previous knowledge and skills through performing, composing and listening. They should develop their vocal and/or instrumental fluency, accuracy and expressiveness; and understand musical structures, styles, genres and traditions, identifying the expressive use of musical dimensions. They should listen with increasing discrimination and awareness to inform their practice as musicians. They should use technologies appropriately and appreciate and understand a wide range of musical contexts and styles.
Typical lesson activities
●     Instrumental and vocal work
●     Class performances
●     Music technology: recording and sequencing skills
●     Presentations
●     Research (using books, the internet, newspapers etc)
●     Listening
●     Group work
Pupils have the opportunity to listen to, and participate in, performance for the school and wider community including event to raise money for charity and visits to residential homes.  An appreciation of how different cultures have contributed to popular musical genres today is encouraged and nurtured in our students. Students’ cultural experiences are broadened and strengthened through our extra-curricular programme and the use of world music resources across both Key Stages which reflect the world we live in today. Pupils are encouraged to formulate and articulate their opinions of their own work, and the work of other people, and to express these with awareness and sensitivity towards the feelings of others.
Pupils take part in a wide variety of different activities which require social skills, the ability to work collaboratively as part of a pair or group, and as part of their whole class in larger ensembles.