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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Religious Studies

"The world is charged with the grandeur of God" - Gerard Manley Hopkins
Introduction to course
This course aims to encourage students to think more deeply about the world surrounding them and how religions react to various topical and moral issues. Students will study the course in the statutory lessons and will be asked to consider responses from the viewpoints of the Christian and Islamic faiths.  It is hoped that some will have the opportunity to undertake a full course in the subject (in the statutory lessons), by studying additional topics on the theme of religion and human experience, which will include religious attitudes to punishment, war, abortion and euthanasia, amongst others.
Syllabus content
Reading Girls’ School follows the Locally Agreed Syllabus with regard to the content of this subject. All major world religions are covered in KS3.
Religion and Life Issues
●     TOPIC 1 – Relationships: Issues of love, marriage and divorce
●     TOPIC 2 – Is it fair? Issues of justice and equality
●     TOPIC 3 – Looking for Meaning: Issues about God, life and death
●     TOPIC 4 – Our World: Exploring creation and our place in the world
Typical lesson activities
●     Project work
●     Discussion
●     Group presentation through ICT and audio-visual work
●     Extended written responses to contemporary issues from a religious standpoint
Religious education fosters awareness of the student’s own religious and moral viewpoints, allowing her to bear the differing views of others in mind. Students learn how to respect and understand the right of others to hold views different to their own.