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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School


The Reading Girls’ Way (The RGS Way)            

Our students and staff set the highest personal standards for themselves by following The RGS Way. It is not just a statement, but an overarching attitude to learning and living life to the full.

The Student Charter created and embedded by our students and staff, is a clear set of expectations and standards which are embraced every day as we strive to ‘Succeed Together’.

Behaviour and Discipline

Reading Girls’ School is committed to ensuring high standards of respect and behaviour, which are vigorously promoted, providing a clear expectation of how students should conduct themselves within the academy and behave towards each other, staff and the wider school community as a whole. This is set out in our comprehensive Behaviour and Discipline Policy, which can also be found in our Policies section of the website.

We strongly believe that everyone is entitled to the following rights:                    

  • The right to learn
  • The right to teach
  • The right to feel safe (physically and emotionally)
  • The right to respect and dignity     

Our Behaviour and Discipline Policy underpins The RGS Way.

These are the values by which we encourage all students to live their daily lives inside and outside of the school. It enables us to regulate and reinforce behavioural expectations and at its heart is the conviction that perseverance, self-discipline and determination will enable all our students to succeed at the school and beyond.


Parents and carers should be advised that in line with changes resulting from the Education Act 2011, the School is no longer required to give 24 hours’ notice of longer length detentions. In exercising its right to take same-day action as required, the school will make every reasonable attempt to inform parents by a variety of means including email, text or phone call for detentions longer than 15 minutes. Ultimately, however, it is the student’s responsibility not to misbehave, not the School’s responsibility to make contact.

Parents are requested to check their child’s student planner on a daily basis to check for detentions.

Types of Detention

Type of Detention

Possible reasons


Teacher Detention

Low level disruption

Equipment violation

Uniform violation - including make-up, jewellery, false/acrylic nails

Chewing gum

Eating or drinking (water is allowed)

Lateness to lesson

Failure to complete a task

No homework

Inadequate classwork

15 mins to be set at the teacher’s convenience

Faculty Detention (Centralised)

Repeated offences, or non-attendance to teacher detention.

Having to be transferred

30 mins after school

School Detention (Centralised)


Repeated offences, or non-attendance to faculty detention.

Low level disruptive and defiant behaviour outside the classroom.

Continuous levels of disruption

Repeated uniform violation - including make-up, jewellery, false/acrylic nails/unnatural hair dye

Truancy from class, including being more than 10 minutes late without good reason

1 hour after school

Late – please ensure lates are marked as late on register and inform students that they have a morning break late detention

Daily after school

Non-attenders will be set a 30 minute detention  the next day

15 minutes at morning break (PLs)


Students failing to engage with the Detention System

Failing to complete a one-hour detention after proceeding through the system will require a parental interview with a Pastoral Leader and Senior Leader.  The one-hour detention will then be reset, and if the student still fails to complete they will be placed in seclusion for 24 hours.

A copy of the current Behaviour and Discipline Policy can be downloaded from the following link.