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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Year 9 Pathways

Welcome to your Pathways booklet 

You have a big choice in front of you about which subjects to study at GCSE. Please think carefully about the choices that you make and the reasons behind them.  Subject information can be found in the booklet below.

9th February —Pathways Evening and Parents’ Evening

This is an opportunity for you to see what each GCSE subject is all about. There will be information, stalls and teachers and students to talk to, and this will be followed by your Year 9 Parents’ Evening where you can discuss with your teacher your suitability to take an option.

20th February — Pathways form deadline

This is the final date for you to submit your preferences.

25th February —Pathways meetings

These meetings will take place on the morning of Saturday 25th February with yourself, your parent(s) or carer(s) and a senior member of staff. This is to ensure that you have chosen the right subjects for you and that you are ready to progress onto the right path at the end of KS4.